explore  the space between your ears

The large background image is Dan Santistevan’s Lights of L-5 acrylic on canvas painting originally commissioned by Hunter White and painted in 1982. The acrylic painting was acquired in 1999 by Ken and Michelle Nard the owners of the  Stones, Bones and Wood art gallery in Green Mountain Falls, CO. 


Dan considers himself a graphic artist, to include poster design, photography, album cover art, logo design, illustrator, painter, musician, songwriter, husband and father.



Dan graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, School of Environmental Design, where he learned creative problem solving techniques to deliver compelling visual information solutions.

Beyondesign Studio, works with clients to develop and design the optimal solution meeting their visual information  needs.

 This is one in a series of posters designed by Dan Santistevan highlighting scientists and inventors such as R. Buckminster Fuller who influenced the Pentagon to implement their designs for technical military solutions. One of the true highlights while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder was being mesmerized listening to “Bucky” Fuller give an intimate lecture at the School of Environmental Design in 1978 at the 34th Conference of World Affairs. Poster designed by Dan Santistevan



My job description provides the creative license to “cool it up!”